About The Prelude

I have been encouraged to add a bit about what I want the Prelude Forum to be about, so here it goes. I got the name Prelude from an old nickname I used to have in school and it come to my attention that a community is ready to start discussing things that I find important, that being CELEBRITY! So this forum is going to be setup as a place to share my thoughts and feelings and hopefully create a good healthy discussion.

So to summarize my name is Kate Grooms and I am going to be your gateway to the world of celebrity.

Enjoy x x 

Kate Upton set for a big 2017

Top Model Model Kate Upton is known for her natural and curvy body! Kate Upton’s body happens to be a hot topic these days. The extraordinary model inspires women all around the world to be comfortable and embrace their curves. Kate has accomplished so much. She is known for her various covers on Sports Illustrated, but also had been on almost every magazine cover including Vogue, GQ, Cosmopolitan, and Harper’s Bazaar. 

She is always a top pick for a fashion show and we all love her effortless confidence down the runway! This swimsuit model knows how to dress up her swimwear and look chic on the red carpet. She looks especially gorgeous in Lady Lux Designer Swimwear!

Kate recently expanded her career in acting as she was featured in this year’s top chick flick, The Other Woman. Co-starring with Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann, she plays a young hot blond intertwined in a love affair. On the left, we have a shot of Kate in the movie looking very natural in a simple, white tunic. 

We see swimsuit model in a lot of beach cover ups and know she would look fabulous in Lady Lux Sweet Talker Tunic. These bold colors will make you just as confident as Kate for your fun in the sun this year!

Spicing up her look with some animal print, Kate looks super classy rocking today’s hottest trends! The dress to left for her appearance at a Fashion Festival is very similar to our Donatella Styles

We also see her here in a warmer leopard print for Contributor magazine looking mature and sophisticated! This young model knows how to be a fashionista and take risks to look outrageously sexy! You will look sassy and sweet in our Donnatella bikini–it’s a must have!

Apparently, Kate doesn’t wish to be shapeless as the typical model. She likes her curves and wants to keep them. If you don’t know, keeping some body fat is how you maintain your curves as well as ample breasts.

The Louis Tomlinson mystery

Most are familiar with Louis Tomlinson (especially Doncaster Rover fans) from the band one direction. Stars these days get their lives projected for all to see, but what are they really up to? Many do not know a lot of things about this artist, facts they are kept secret from the media but one thing about him is he is a dad. Besides those duties he is not up to much but seems to be back to dating.

Louis Tomlinson has been seen in the Hollywood area out to dating a women named Danielle Campbell. What to think of this is semi simple getting to know each other not much else can be assumed, you never know. 

Besides that he does not seem to be up to much else in the media lime light but being a dad with ex Brianna Jungwirth and has not announces much else media wise. He seems to stay away a bit from stalkers I guess.

Amid controversy from fans, a bit, about his life claiming many things as faked photos and even just making things up to get attention. One thing remains a fact, even though speculation, he seems to be loving life outside the music scene and having a real life. 

He does not seem to explain much about himself to the media which gives me a sense that he is not about the attention, but willing to explain if asked. We can only speculate as to much else going on in his life and his mind as to where he wants to go what he really wants in life and so forth.